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What defines an Environmental Professional (EP)?

To ensure the quality of Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s), the ASTM and AAI standards contain specific educational and experience requirements for an Environmental Professional (EP) conducting these assessments.  In order to qualify as an EP, an individual must satisfy at least one of the following:

  1. A state or tribal issued certification or license and three years of relevant full-time work experience
  2. A Baccalaureate degree of higher in science or engineering and five years of relevant full-time work experience
  3. Ten years of relevant full-time work experience

environmental professionalSince all of these criteria require some term of relevant experience, what is the definition of relevant experience? According to the EPA, relevant experience is defined as “participation in the performance of environmental site assessments that may include environmental analyses, investigations, and remediation which involve the understanding of subsurface environmental conditions and the processes used to evaluate these conditions and for which professional judgment is used to develop opinions regarding conditions indicative of releases of hazardous substances.”

It is important to note that individuals who do not meet any of the requirements listed above may still assist in conducting ESA’s.  However, they must work under the direct supervision or responsible charge of an individual who does meet the requirements for an EP.

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